individual treatments and facial care

„inner beauty is the most important…“

DALTON caviar deluxe treatments

(for her and him)

69,00 €

length 90 min

lifting for the skin – you can afford caviar, too!

diagnosis of your skin type, cleaning, peeling, vapozon, cleaning of your skin, eyebrow treatment, face-, neck- and dekollete- massage, pack, caviar-lifting, ampule, concluding care

eyebrow treatment

10,00 €

length 10-15 min

eyebrow dyeing

12,00 €

length 10 min

dyeing of the lashes

15,00 €

length 20 min

manicure with hand pack

and massage

31,00 €

length 45 min

like manicure classic with concluding

hand/arm pack and massage (up to the elbow)

DALTON Regenerant moisture treatment

(for her and him)

69,00 €

length 90 min

moisture for your skin!

care for dry, ripe and ambitious skin.

the cell membrane stays smooth, thus the skin metabolism gets better and the skin absorbs the nutriets perfectly.

freshness and charisma for the skin!

neck- and dekollete-treatment

27,00 €

length 30 min

cleaning, peeling with frimator, ampule, care pack with warm poultice, dekollete- and neck-massage


31,00 €

length 40 min

footbath, podiatry, massage

podiatry with polish

35,00 €

length 50 min

footbath, podiatry, nail polish, massage

DALTON Dermanorm treatment (for her and him)

56,00 €

length 60 min

only for impure skin

cleaning, peeling, vapozon, clearance of impurity

for greasy skin: Dermanorm-mask or Celumer Beauty Enzym mask

for dry and irritated skin: tranqulillization mask, active ingredient ampule, concluding care

manicure classic

28,00 €

length 30 min

file of nails, handbath, cuticle care, hand balm

manicure with polish

31,00 €

length 45 min

file of nails, handbath, cuticle care, nail polish

spoiling treatment for your feet
28,00 €

length 30 min

footbath, pack, massage up to the knee

back treatment

36,00 €

length 45 min

cleaning, peeling, clearance of impurity, ampule, tranqulillization care

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