Der-Wieshof Riedlhütte

Anton-Hilz-Straße 8
D-94566 Riedlhütte
Telefon: 0049/8553/477


Hotel & Restaurant „Der Wieshof“

Ambiance to be comfortable…

Stress-free holiday in all seasons in a familiar atmosphere. Lovely rooms and fond staff, who give everything to make your stay unforgettable…

The hotel is a vantage point to make romantic and recreative hikes. In the winter you have the possibility to enter a cross-country ski-track in front of the house.

Our familiar managed hotel and restaurant has a gorgeous and sunny position in the bavarian forest with a fascinating view on the mountains and an amazing landscape.

our packages


from 475 € for 7 nights / Person


from 470 € for 5 nights / Person



Gerd Busch
Anton-Hilz-Straße 8
D-94566 Riedlhütte
Telefon: 0049/8553/477

mediterranean spa with

  • finnish sauna
  • bio aromatic sauna with colour effects
  • steam bath
  • feature shower
  • quiet room
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